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“Beating a dead horse” with the Hartford Courant Newspaper – Joshua Komisarjevsky ( 2nd article published )

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Komisarjevsky Not Involved In Sale Of Personal Items On “True Crime” Website

By Alaine Griffin – Hartford Courant Newspaper ( Connecticut )

       A state Department of Correction investigation found that Cheshire home invasion killer Joshua Komisarjevsky did not take part in the sale of his personal items on a website that sells items of serial killers and other notorious murderers.

Earlier this year, Andy Kahan, a victim advocate in Texas, discovered poems and drawings done by Komisarjevsky and clothes he reportedly wore in prison for sale on the website

His belongings were part of the website’s “True Crime Museum & Prison Art Gallery, “that features items from more well-known infamous killers like Charles Manson, Gary Gilmore and “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz…

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BTK letters from prison sold on serial killer true crime collectible website ( KSN Channel 3 News – Wichita, Kansas )

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WICHITA, Kansas – Most people want to move on with their lives when it comes to the name Dennis Rader, but a website is bringing back memories of the case. It’s selling letters Rader recently sent from the El Dorado Correctional Facility. KSN reached out to the website selling his letters…

Questions from Shardaa Gray – KSN – Channel 3 News ( Wichita, Kansas )

How did you obtain the letters of Dennis Rader?
I was contacted by an individual who offered it for sale, amongst other various items. The person was a penpal with him. Dennis Rader has not contacted me, nor have I ever made any communication with him.

In addition to your question…

I have always had interest in reading about various serial killers and true crime stories ever since I can remember. To hold a piece of artwork from a notorious killer or to have a letter and study it’s contents first hand, I find to be incredibly fascinating.  The fact that it is so taboo, only adds more “thrill to the hunt” of obtaining the next most ridiculous piece of “murderabilia.”  
My website is daily monitored by outside sources that report any items I list to law enforcement, when it is suspect that I am directly doing any kind of business with a death row inmate.
I have lost track of the number of investigations that have been conducted over me because of this.
The mass majority of items I have for sale is from people who have contacted me offering them for sale. I do not conduct business with death row inmates.

What’s your response to victims of Dennis Rader and this basically brings back horrible memories for them?
I would be more interested in your response to that question.
You are about to publish an article that is going to feature the items I have for sale… and in no doubt, will make Dennis Rader even more infamous. I don’t advertise my website. I cater to an underground culture of True Crime enthusiasts and Criminologists. 

My website is “DarkVomit”.
Why Dennis Rader?
I have many many different people that I have featured on my site. – Dennis Rader just happens to be one of them. There is a lot of interest for “BTK Killer” related items on the open market. …He is quite popular.


“Website Sells Poems, Drawings It Claims Are Cheshire Killer’s, – Joshua Komisarjevsky” – Hartford Courant Newspaper

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joshkomisarjenskyartpoe2pen and ink drawing w/ POEM by death row inmate, Joshua Komisarjevsky

Cheshire killer Joshua Komisarjevsky’s poems and drawings for sale online

- by Alaine Griffin and Christine Dempsey

         Poems and drawings purportedly by Cheshire home invasion killer Joshua Komisarjevsky and clothes he reportedly wore in prison are for sale on a website that hawks items of serial killers and other notorious murderers.

         The website began selling the items this week in its “True Crime Museum & Prison Art Gallery,” adding Komisarjevsky’s name to its collection of the more well-known heinously infamous like Charles Manson, Gary Gilmore and “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz.

         The items caught the eye of a victim advocate in Texas where efforts to stop the sale of so-called “murderabilia” has gained the support of legislators, prompting prison officials here to investigate how items tied to one of Connecticut’s worst crimes in recent history ended up in such a morbid collection.

        “Two days ago, this didn’t exist,” Andy Kahan, director of the Houston-based Mayor’s Crime Victims Office, said Thursday during a telephone interview from his Texas office. Kahan, who has battled against the macabre industry for 15 years, said he does daily checks of the roughly six websites that sell such items…

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NEW! — 2015 “Signature Series” Skateboard decks… – 21 new designs! at

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100% Canadian Maple 7 ply professional skateboard decks.
Made in USA! — VERY professional! – High Quality Transfer Print.
Each board measures 8 1/2 inches by 33 inches.
Signed and dated – with the artist signature.

Tacony Dungeon’ suspect’s art, letters for sale online – New York Metro News

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by Sam Newhouse – Published: October 2, 2014

“It’s known as “murderabilia” —the sale of the letters, possessions and mementos of famous criminals to collectors.

“I will be the first to admit that I am a ‘modern day smut peddler,’” said Kelly Hutchison, a San Diego artist who runs, a True Crime Museum and Prison Art Gallery, where the Weston collection is being sold, via email.

Hutchison won’t say how much he paid, which are for sale for $65 to $85 each.

He said a “pen pal” of Weston’s who is studying social services at college sold him the letters — which Weston purportedly wrote and sent from prison within the last few months, along with drawings.

One shows Jesus. Another shows one of the Seven Dwarfs masturbating.

“I do find the art and letters of Linda’s to be quite fascinating,” Hutchison said. “Her handwriting is childlike and her writing is very erratic. The drawings that she includes with her letters do not make any sense and they are so bizarre and weird.”

Weston’s defense attorney, Patricia McKinney, criticized the sale.

“No matter how low the bar is set for capitalizing on the mentally ill, it doesn’t surprise me that someone is always willing to go lower,” McKinney said. “It’s also interesting that there is no way of authenticating these at all.”

Weston and three others, including her daughter, were arrested in October 2011 after four adults were found captive in their basement, as well as Weston’s niece, whom she was fostering for DHS.

Weston is charged with murder for the deaths of two mentally disabled women whom she allegedly kept captive at other locations.

She is pleading insanity, but the feds say she masterminded the scheme for profit. Prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty against Weston…”


Artwork of accused killer for sale – Philadelphia Daily News

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BY DANA DiFILIPPO, Daily News Staff Writer – October 03, 2014

“MOST PEOPLE might know Linda Weston by the crimes she’s accused of: kidnapping and torturing mentally vulnerable adults, even killing two, in a decade of depravity that ended in 2011 after her landlord discovered her Tacony house of horrors and alerted police.

But Kelly Hutchison thinks she should be known for her artwork. 

The San Diego-based artist is selling several letters and illustrations Weston created, including one of Jesus and another of Snow White beside a masturbating dwarf…”

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8 Infamous Killers Who Were Also Brilliant Artists

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8 Infamous Killers Who Were Also Brilliant Artists
by Kristen Duvall – June 10, 2014

     “Murderabilia” is defined as collectibles related to murders, murderers, or other violent crimes. And despite the obviously morbid nature of the industry, it’s a booming business. Some prized “murderabilia” might include crime scene photos, or perhaps something owned by a famous serial killer. But sometimes, these items can be a bit more creative. That’s because many famous killers had other hobbies besides murdering people, and in some of these cases, their hobbies were of the artistic variety.

      Artists often have the reputation of being ‘tortured’, an idea that suggests they’re beleaguered by the pressures of their creative spirit. But what if an artist externalised that pain in more than just their work? The artists we’re discussing here were not just tortured; they were responsible for the torture of countless others.

      Some of the art work produced by these killers was actually pretty good. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself, as we present you the impressive art work created by 8 infamous killers…


#4 …Charles Ng

      Charles Ng and his partner-in-crime Leonard Lake are believed to have been responsible for 11-25 deaths that involved the torture and rape of their victims that included women, men, and even babies. They even videotaped some of their brutal exploits, creating snuff films of their crimes. Lake killed himself with cyanide when arrested, but Ng is was sentenced to death. He currently sits on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California.

       While in prison, Ng has taken a correspondence course in art, and murder memorabilia site, Dark Vomit, has auctioned off several of his origami butterflies…

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“How sick do you have to be to buy something like this?” – New York Daily News

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           “A peculiar item recently came up for sale on a website that caters to people who collect things created, owned, or even just touched by murderers. It was a pair of plain white panties, with the name Dana Sue Gray and a number, W76776, scrawled at the crotch. The asking price was $250.”


Baseball Hall of Fame – Ty Cobb …work in progress

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“Ty Cobb” ( #01 ) – oil on canvas panel  10″ x 20″ – April 2014
( private collection – commission series )