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8 Infamous Killers Who Were Also Brilliant Artists

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8 Infamous Killers Who Were Also Brilliant Artists
by Kristen Duvall – June 10, 2014

     “Murderabilia” is defined as collectibles related to murders, murderers, or other violent crimes. And despite the obviously morbid nature of the industry, it’s a booming business. Some prized “murderabilia” might include crime scene photos, or perhaps something owned by a famous serial killer. But sometimes, these items can be a bit more creative. That’s because many famous killers had other hobbies besides murdering people, and in some of these cases, their hobbies were of the artistic variety.

      Artists often have the reputation of being ‘tortured’, an idea that suggests they’re beleaguered by the pressures of their creative spirit. But what if an artist externalised that pain in more than just their work? The artists we’re discussing here were not just tortured; they were responsible for the torture of countless others.

      Some of the art work produced by these killers was actually pretty good. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself, as we present you the impressive art work created by 8 infamous killers…


#4 …Charles Ng

      Charles Ng and his partner-in-crime Leonard Lake are believed to have been responsible for 11-25 deaths that involved the torture and rape of their victims that included women, men, and even babies. They even videotaped some of their brutal exploits, creating snuff films of their crimes. Lake killed himself with cyanide when arrested, but Ng is was sentenced to death. He currently sits on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California.

       While in prison, Ng has taken a correspondence course in art, and murder memorabilia site, Dark Vomit, has auctioned off several of his origami butterflies…

More at:

“How sick do you have to be to buy something like this?” – New York Daily News

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           “A peculiar item recently came up for sale on a website that caters to people who collect things created, owned, or even just touched by murderers. It was a pair of plain white panties, with the name Dana Sue Gray and a number, W76776, scrawled at the crotch. The asking price was $250.”


Baseball Hall of Fame – Ty Cobb …work in progress

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“Ty Cobb” ( #01 ) – oil on canvas panel  10″ x 20″ – April 2014
( private collection – commission series )

What’s Christmas without a card from a convicted killer? ( Joliet Patch – Illinois )

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Not on Joliet Mass Murderer Milton Johnson’s Xmas Card List?
Buy His Holiday Greeting on ‘Dark Vomit’

       “If your holiday felt less-than-happy without a greeting card card from Milton Johnson—the man convicted of the Pottery Shop Massacre in Joliet and of killing an Emden man as he slept in a car parked on Interstate 55, you can buy one now through the murder memorabilia website Dark Vomit…”

New art additions at…

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Winter in San Diego – Madison – 04 Pin-Up Girl – Oil Painting…$475.00
Winter in San Diego ( Madison #4 ) – 10 x 20 canvas print….$70.00 SALE!
The Tattooed Lady ( Lala #8 ) – 10 x 20 canvas print (2014)..$70.00 SALE!

“The Tattooed Lady” ( Lala #08 ) – work in progress.

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“The Tattooed Lady” ( Lala #08 ) – oil on canvas panel  12″ x 24″ – Feb. 2014

Yellow Journalism of Bryan Denson – good pal to Andy Kahan.

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       Recently a slew of articles about the subject of “murderabilia” were published by Bryan Denson of the Oregonian. 

       Some of these articles, include victims rights advocate, Andy Kahan’s ”top 6 picks” of the “murderabilia” industry —  “Top 6 Ghastly ‘murderabilia’ items cited by victims advocate Andy Kahan” 

      Besides the new information described within the new bill introduced in Congress… — the articles are no different than the thousands of other articles written on the subject matter.

      It should also be no surprise that the writer of the articles is also an old friend of Andy Kahan’s.

–via Andy Kahan’s facebook page.


        …what is even more insulting. Is that Bryan Denson claims to be a “champion of the first amendment”.

On his moral high ground, he explains,

         “The Oregonian doesn’t profit from telling you about these sales any more than it would while keeping you informed that JFK was assassinated, man walked on the moon, and the stock market fell 300 points last Friday.”


Bryan Denson of the Oregonian is a Yellow Journalist.  

S.1549 – Stop the Sale of Murderabilia Act of 2013

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IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES – September 25 (legislative day, September 24), 2013

     Mr. Cornyn (for himself and Ms. Klobuchar) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary…

Alleged Hickory Street Nightmare Killer’s Letters For Sale on Website – Patch Media ( Joliet, IL )

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       If you’re still Christmas shopping, three letters supposedly penned by alleged Nightmare on Hickory Street killer Bethany McKee can be yours for less than $50.

       The website Dark Vomit’s True Crime, a “macabre and outsider art gallery” of “serial killer and true crime collectibles,” has the letters for sale in two separate listings…

        According to police reports obtained exclusively by Patch, Massaro and McKee lured Rankins and Glover to Massaro’s home on Hickory Street in Joliet, where Miner and Landerman choked the two men to death. After the killings, Massaro and Miner had sex atop the dead men’s bodies, the reports said. The four then concocted a plan to dismember the corpses of their victims and began procuring supplies, including a blowtorch, to carry out the plan, the reports said. Miner reportedly intended to keep the dead men’s teeth as trophies.