The San Diego Undead Show – Game Build Progress

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…Latest and Greatest News!
Bret Barrett and I are making a video game presentation ( First Person Shooter ) of an upcoming group art show “The San Diego Undead Show”
…The idea is to create a first person shooter video game as close as we can to the way it is going to be in real life. This will be later published and available for free download at 
There will be over 50 artists participating in the upcoming show and will defintely be worth to come out to the opening…
Tons of surprises…. including the ability to play the game on it’s releasal — on a huge projection screen the night of the show.
Sneak Peek screenshots of some of the scenes in the video game art show game…
Interior of the Visual Supply Store
( the blank white walls will later include artwork in the show by various artists… )
We are going to expand in the video game side to it with a story in which an evil mad scientist/doctor has a crazy lab underneath the Visual Art Supply store. He is making Zombies and soon… he will take over the world.
It will be your mission to kill the mad scientist and all the zombies of the game… and of course… save the world.   
“Private Pyle… Is that a jelly donut in your foot locker?!”

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  1. what a fantastic idea, i wish i wasn’t on the other side of the country, would love to see *and* participate! post loads of pics, pleaaaase… do it for the brrraaaiiiiiiiinnnsss!

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